5 Reasons I Will be Going Back to Meliá Caribe Beach with My Family

August 31, 2021

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Meliá Caribe Beach in Punta Cana for our annual Macaroni KID Boondoggle with 30 of my fellow publishers from all over the country. And let me tell you, it was well overdue. It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to connect in person, and once together, it was apparent how much we really need these special times together.

For weeks leading up to the trip, I imagined pool time, or relaxing in a hammock on the beach listening to the crystal blue Caribbean waves, enjoying lots of good eats, experiencing fun adventures, and building stronger connections with my colleagues. But what I didn’t anticipate were all of the things I couldn't even possibly imagine - and how amazing it truly would be.

Here are 5 reasons I will be going back to Meliá Caribe Beach, and next time I will definitely be visiting with my family.


My roommate and I were accommodated in two beautiful adjoining rooms. Although I did love having my own spa-like bathroom, each of our rooms easily could sleep a family of four. The resort has many different room styles to fit any size getaway. Rooms were cleaned every single day and I honestly don’t know when they swooped in and cleaned, as they were speedy fast! 

To say the resort is absolutely gorgeous is an understatement. Kind people, incredibly maintained grounds, pools, lounge areas, beaches, and quiet serene nooks everywhere to snuggle up with a book. You may even get lucky and pass a staff member working on the grounds who just may open a fresh coconut, just for you. 

As guests, we experienced "The Level," which is Meliá's exclusive and personalized service where every detail has been designed to make our trip extra dreamy. If you have the opportunity, definitely look into this uniquely personalized and exclusive service.


If you know me, you know I am a foodie and a bit of a wine snob. Wine is my drink of choice, so I am always a little nervous at all-inclusive resorts. Will the wine be good? It was! As a matter of fact, all of the drinks were. I even splurged and enjoyed a specially-crafted gin and tonic with herbs – that bartender was crazy talented!

Ok, let’s get to the food. Being in a pandemic, I was extremely impressed with their protocols in the restaurants and especially in the buffet areas. Before you walk into any restaurant or buffet, you are given a mask (if you don’t have one on) until you sit down, but what is really awesome, and I honestly think this should be a protocol at every buffet everywhere and not just during a pandemic, they give you disposable gloves before you enter the buffet as an extra precaution. The buffets truly did not disappoint, everything you could possibly want was there, and if it wasn’t, if you asked, they probably could get it for you. 

It’s hard to pick what my favorite meal would be, but I’d have to narrow it down to two. At our first breakfast together we marveled at the beautiful tablescape of edible fruits, and of course the private dinner on the Beach. It was absolutely amazing and yes, you can also arrange these for your vacation!

One last note on eats. After a recent vacation in California with my family, I’ve decided that after the food experience at Meliá Caribe Beach, all-inclusive is the only way to go with hangry teens. A huge money saver!


As if dinner on the beach wasn’t enough, how about an escape in the Caribbean sea on a catamaran for snorkeling, swimming, and… dancing. The crew on Bebe Catamarans made sure we had an absolute blast. After a few rum drinks, you may even find yourself dancing (guilty) or sliding down a slide into the ocean. 

Too adventurous for you? How about enjoying a Chocolate Experience? After a lovely tour of the resort, we were surprised with a chef hat, apron, and a hands-on hour of all things cacao in the Dominican Republic. Representatives from the Chocolate Experience showed us the process of how chocolate is actually made. I tasted every stage from the fruity cacao seed to the roasted ones. I loved every morsel and I know my family would have really immersed themselves in it, as I did.

Another fun surprise was the exotic wildlife that also calls Meliá Caribe Beach home. I was in awe of how beautiful peacocks are in person and I encountered a flock of flamingos right in the resort! Now if that doesn’t scream tropical experience, I don’t know what does.


Ok, they don’t just have entertainment – they have ENTERTAINMENT. Every single day, almost every hour in the entire resort, you will find something fun to do. My absolute favorite was the silent disco. I have not laughed or had that much fun in so long. Every event and show are well-thought-out – even down to the costumes. I kept thinking how much fun my family would have.

I have older kids now, but Meliá absolutely has things for kids of all ages and really gets “family fun.” The resort also includes a Kids Zone with billiards, ping pong tables, and kid-friendly activities daily. Even out of the box fun like teddy bear picnics and family bike rides. The kids’ water park includes slides, a snack bar with all the foods picky eaters love, a cotton candy machine, and even a waffle bar that I think my daughter (even at 13) would swoon over.

Oh – but wait until you see the staff that shocks you with a dance mob. I’ll let you experience that amazing-ness when you see it for yourself.


Ever wondered what it’s like to have your very own Butler? Yes, I said Butler. I have been to a few all-inclusive resorts and none have ever offered what Meliá Caribe Beach offers. When you arrive, you will sign into WhatsApp and be connected to help with anything you could possibly need. 

Meliá Caribe Beach is a very large resort, so having transportation at any time was very nice. When our Butler arrived we were always greeted warmly with a “Hello, my family!” which just made us feel very at home and welcomed every single day. Need reservations for dinner? They help with that. Have a question? No problem. Lost your room key? You betcha. Want to book an adventure? They are on it. Room service? Absolutely. 

They make your vacation seamless instead of you trying to figure everything out for your entire trip. That is PRICELESS.

The people of the Dominican Republic are truly some of the most professional, kind, fun, and welcoming people I have ever met. I am truly looking forward to experiencing this with my family, maybe even as soon as next year for my son’s graduation trip. If you are planning a trip to a tropical destination, give Meliá Caribe Beach a look, they most definitely can offer a special experience for any occasion.

The author was hosted at Meliá Caribe Beach for purposes of a review. All opinions are her own.