About The Publisher: Charlotte Linde

Welcome to Iowa City Macaroni Kid!

Macaroni Kid is a nationwide company with almost 600 editions, each focused on a specific community. Our publishers are local moms and dads who know about and live in the communities they write about. We specialize in providing lots of LOCAL information on events, activities, camps, classes, family-friendly resources and things to do!  

This edition of Macaroni Kid provides information on events, activities, and resources for families specifically in Iowa City, North Liberty, Coralville and surrounding communities.


Charlotte Linde

Owner/Publisher/Editor/Executive Officer of Marketing for Eastern Iowa Macaroni Kid

Charlotte started Macaroni Kid Cedar Rapids in 2010 and Macaroni Kid Iowa City in 2011. You may have seen her around town hosting local family fun days and community events. She is the one behind the scenes in all of your newsletters, and many local Facebook pages. She is also the Director of Social Media of our National Macaroni Kid and CertifiKID parent companies. Proud contributing writer to City Revealed Magazine and Micro-Influencer of the Corridor and beyond. 


Celia Even

Director of Marketing for Eastern Iowa Macaroni Kid

Celia is our Director of Marketing for all of our Macaroni Kid publications in Eastern Iowa. She is also the editor/publisher/owner of Macaroni Kid Cedar Falls/Waterloo. Celia is our marketing specialist connecting families to local businesses -  supporting our local businesses is her number one priority.


Kara McCusker

Director of Community Resources

Kara is our Community Resource Specialist and has been with the team since July 2013. You may find Kara at local events representing Macaroni Kid -  but you should most know her for her relentless research of family friendly events in the corridor area. Kara is our community resource expert to ensure you find your family fun in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and surrounding areas.


Liz Neff

Community Outreach Administrator

Liz is our Community Outreach Administrator and has an important part in fulfilling the mission of our service - to help families in our area find their family fun by connecting with local businesses, organizations and beyond!



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