National Geographic Outdoor Explorer Toys

Anteater Bug Vacuum Review

By Charlotte Linde Publisher/Editor August 23, 2012
This is my favorite toy yet! If you know me at all, you would know that I am not a fan of bugs, especially spiders.  {Shudder}.  I have to admit, even toys that involve playing with bugs, I am not usually a fan of, but this one I am!  The National Geographic Wild Anteater Bug Vac is pretty awesome! 

This cute little anteater vacuum is a magnet for kids to just pick it up, press a little button and gently suck up ants, critters, and {{double shudder}} spiders.  Once the little critters are caught, there is a clear container with a magnifying glass built in that is easily pulled out for closer viewing.  When your little explorers are done viewing, they can lift a small lid and let the bugs go... back outside of course.  ;)  

With my back to him doing dishes, my son came in the house after exploring and said, "MOM... Guess what I caught?!!"  What was my response with out even turning too see my loving eight year old who likes to scare me with spiders?  "You can take that critter right back outside!" I guess it was a good case of mothers intuition because he just giggled and walked it right back out.  Is it me or do you also think when it gets colder out bugs like come inside to get warm?  My 4 year old daughter has loved looking for any indoor bugs that snuck in and letting them go free back outside. My favorite part? The fact that bugs can be viewed with out being harmed and let go with out having to touch them! 

This really is a great toy for any bug explorer or great for a mom that wants to get bugs out of her house in a fun way! :)

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