Great Ideas to Start the New Year Off Right

December 30, 2021

The new year is often a popular time to step back and look at goals and ways to give our lives a little makeover. Whether you want to get organized, eat better, get moving, or just have more family fun, we've had some great ideas on this site over the years for many of those things, so this year we rounded up some of our readers' favorite new year articles all in one place! 

Organizing Goals

How to Create a Monthly Meal Plan That Works For Your Family

'Do We Really Need That?' How One Family Is Taking On a Year of Less

8 Things to do to Prepare for the New Year

The Busy Parents' Guide to Reading More Books

Here's How to Marie Kondo Your House in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Get Organized With Our FREE Family Safety Binder

15 Ways to Recycle Everyday Items to Organize Your Home

Organizing Tip: Sorting School Papers

Organizing Tip: Clear Out Closet Clutter

Getting Organized: Freezer

How to Organize Your Whole Home with One Easy System

Wellness Goals

11 Tips and Tricks to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy

Make a Resolution to Yourself: A Letter from Mac Kid Mama Bear

New Year, New You: Ideas to Keep Your Family Healthy in 2021

On the Go? Try These  3 Easy and Healthy Jar Salads

10 Ways To Keep Your Family Active at Home on Those Cold Days

Macaroni Moms: Fitness Matters (Tips for a Fitness Resolution)

5 Easy Healthy Eating Hacks for Moms

4 Healthy Ingredient Swaps

Get the Whole Family Healthier This New Year

Family Fun Goals

Set Goals Together With Help From a  Family Vision Board

New Years Resolutions for the Whole Family!

5 New Year's Resolutions You'll Want to Keep

Start a Memory Jar for the New Year

“Family Time” Resolutions

Macaroni Resolutions

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