Prestige Students Are Thankful for Their Dance Friends!

By Prestige Dance Studio December 9, 2021

4 Reasons Why Dance Friends Make the Best Friends:

1. Familiar Faces From School to Dance

Of course, our students LOVE meeting dancers that they’ve never met before, but when they recognize a familiar face from their classes at school, it’s a game-changer! We watch as students get excited on their first day of dance when they recognize a friend from school. And they ALSO tell us when their dance friends are in the same classes with them on the first day of school. Dance makes kids feel that much more connected to their community!

2. Dance Builds Teamwork

Teamwork and support for one another is at the forefront of both our competition team program as well as our weekly dance classes. Students work together to perfect their routines, cheer on their teammates, and meet group goals throughout the year. When you are supporting one another and investing in each other’s successes, it’s easy to form close bonds that can’t be broken! 

3. Sharing a Common Interest Brings Kids Together

Having something in common helps kids make new friends and be social. When children have a common interest, it gives them things to talk about, things to do together, and things to look forward to as friends. It’s not uncommon for our students to tell us that they practiced their dance routine during their play-dates or performed for their friends on the school playground! 

4. Growing Up Together At The Studio

Something that makes dance unique is that kids often get to stay in the same classes with their peers year after year. Our clear-level progressions and flexible class scheduling options make it so that they can essentially grow up together at dance. Many of our oldest students can look back with their peers and remember their shared routines from their very first dance years. 

With all these things in mind, one thing is for sure, dance friends make the BEST friends! Ask any of our teaching staff and they will probably tell you about how the people they danced with growing up were oftentimes their most treasured friendships. The memories our students make together are truly priceless. 

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