How to Pick the PERFECT Beginning Dance Classes for your Child

By Prestige Dance Studio Cedar Rapids January 18, 2022

Here at Prestige Dance Studio, we welcome dancers of all levels and abilities with open arms. From beginning dance classes to a student’s final recital, we take pride in all their dancing moments! If your child is brand new to dance, we’d love to help them start their dance journey here at Prestige.

When introducing your child to new activities, the goal is to help them find something they really enjoy! After all, having fun is what it’s ALL about. That’s why we offer a wide range of classes that vary in energy level and style. We LOVE helping our beginner students find the PERFECT class that makes them fall in love with dance!

So today, we’re breaking down our beginning dance classes with the hopes that YOUR dancer will find the one that hits their sweet spot! 

Here’s how to pick the PERFECT beginning dance classes for your child:

Ballet: A foundational dance form that helps with many other styles and focuses on flexibility, strength, and proper placement of the body.
Perfect for dancers who…

    • Love feeling graceful and strong
    • Are open to repetition with added challenges along the way
    • Want a strong foundation for many years of dancing in the future!
      *For pre-school dancers, try Tippy Toes!

Jazz: A strong and energetic technique that will help a dancer master turns, leaps, and show-stopping stage presence.
Perfect for dancers who…

    • Love the technical elements of ballet with added energy & style
    • Aren’t afraid to be sassy and love their time in the spotlight!
      *Jazz students must also be enrolled in a ballet class.

Lyrical: A highly emotive and expressive dance form that mixes elements from ballet and jazz.
Perfect for dancers who…

    • Love the idea of expressing their emotions and telling a story though movement
    • Enjoy slower and more sustained movement
      *Lyrical students must also be enrolled in a ballet class.

Tap: A rhythmic style that uses both the rhythms of the feet as well as musicality to transform a dancer into a percussive musician.
Perfect for dancers who…

    • Love music, beats, and rhythms 
    • Enjoy quick footwork and making loud sounds!

Hip Hop: A fast, upbeat style that focuses on being grounded into the floor, intricate movement, and incorporating personal style into movement.
Perfect for dancers who…

    • Love feeling cool and staying up to date with current trends
    • Are looking for a hard-hitting and powerful activity!
      *For pre-school dancers, try Hippity Hop!

Strength and Tumbling: Conditioning and tumbling exercises with an emphasis on form.
Perfect for dancers who…

    • Love to soar and tumble through the air
    • Enjoy strength and conditioning exercises
      *For pre-school dancers, try Teenie Tumble!

Musical Theatre: The study of broadway dance and style, focusing on singing, dancing, AND acting at the same time.
Perfect for dancers who…

    • Love the dramatic elements of telling a story through movement
    • Are looking to gain stage presence and confidence

While these are our most popular classes, we have even MORE class offerings. Hard to believe right?! Check out our complete class list with descriptions here!

Beginning dance classes are a great opportunity to try new things and discover what your child loves about moving! After deciding what dance style your child is interested in, it’s time to head over to our class schedule to find a class time that works for you! 

Class Schedule by Age
Class Schedule by Day

We can’t wait to welcome your beginner dancer to the Prestige family!