4 Healthy Ingredient Swaps

By Sponsored Content by Eggland's Best July 21, 2016
Eating better doesn’t mean having to give up all your favorite ingredients. Follow our 4 healthy ingredient swaps to help you cut calories and reduce saturated fat, while still letting you indulge in some of your favorite meals!

Vanilla for Sugar
For every ½ cup of sugar substitute a teaspoon of vanilla to help cut calories! 

Applesauce for Butter
Reduce the amount of saturated fat content of your recipes by replacing half of the butter with the same amount of apple sauce! Plus, apple sauce is sweet, you can reduce the amount of sugar as well!

Oats for Breadcrumbs
Use oats to coat your favorite dishes like Chicken Parmesan. You’ll be sneaking in more fiber and iron this way.

Eggland’s Best for Ordinary Eggs
Eggland’s Best eggs stay fresher longer than ordinary eggs, have 25% less saturated and only 60 calories per large egg. With better nutrition, you’ll be able to indulge a little more with some of your favorite dishes! For a list of all our nutritional benefits click here.