National Geographic Outdoor Explorer Toys!!!

Review 2!

August 9, 2012
This week my kids got to do some exploring at night time with the Expedition Sky Flare! This sky flare, (pictured above), has a red LED light that when shot up into the air can signal other little explorers to let them know where they are.  All you do is pull back, release the flare and watch it soar up to 50 feet high!  It's a lot like a sling shot but with light-up action!  I have to say though, they have played with the Expedition Sky Flare during the day and it is just as fun!  This is a really fun toy that any little explorer would love. 
Here are a couple of other light-up toys.  I did not get the opportunity to review these, but they look pretty cool!  I know my son wants the Expedition Shoe Lights! All kiddos love light up shoes!!! 
High Sierra Eco-Explorer: A Lamp that is attached to a nifty strap so it can be worn on the head.  This leaves hands free to catch some little creepy things that crawl at night! It comes with:
Bug viewer
Soil sifter
Recon tool
Belt clip
and the Explorer Activity Guide
Expedition Shoe Lights: 
2 light-up modes, Night View and Path Finder, Attaches easily to most shoes and of course comes with an Explorer Activity Guide

You can find all of the National Geographic Outdoor Explorer Toys by Uncle Milton at this LINK.