National Geographic Outdoor Explorer Toys!!!


August 9, 2012
I have been given the opportunity to review toys that not only would get my kids away from video games and off the couch, but would get them outside to explore and have fun! 

This week we got to try out the National Geographic Outdoor Explorer Toys; Earth Tag, 4-1 Navigation Tool, and the All Terrain Nature Collector. When my kids saw them they could hardly wait to play with them.  My 7 year old son really enjoys the Earth Tag and Navigation Tool and played with them for hours! I'm not kidding...for hours! The National Geographic Outdoor Explorer toys are not just for the boys though. My 4 year old daughter attached herslef to the All Terrain Nature Collector, and she LOVED it!  She collected all sorts of objects and creepy crawly things in our back yard with out having to actually touch any little critters with her own hands!  It was heartwarming to see my children playing with toys that connect them to nature.  

What I loved? Each toy also comes with an Activity Guide that feels like an old treasure map that has instructions, games and some suggestions on how to use the toys.  These toys will be coming with us on our next picnic in the park for sure.  Anything that keeps our kids busy playing and learning at the same time is a plus in my book! 

You can find all of the National Geographic Outdoor Explorer Toys by Uncle Milton at this LINK.