Macaroni Resolutions

Goal setting at an early age!

December 29, 2010
With New Years right around the corner it may be a good opportunity to work on goal setting with your children.  Goal setting is an important skill they can carry with them through out their life!  And New Year's Resolutions are a fun way to not only start the discussion, but the process as well. Here are a few you may want to adapt in your home or maybe assist you with thinking of ones on your own! Good Hygiene : Wash my hands before meals, brush my teeth after meals, covering my mouth when I cough or sneeze. Volunteering:  In community or at my local church.  This can go as far as working or donating my old toys and clothes. Healthy Eating:  Less soda and more milk and water is a great place to start.  Also eating more fruits and less sweets! Responsibility on Computer:  Be aware of people asking for personal information.  I will limiting my time spent online and gaming.
Be Kind:  I will try not to make fun of others, but see their good qualities and let them know what they are!  If someone is sad, I will try to make them smile!

Good Amount of Exercise:  I will get outside more when I can.  Maybe join a sport, ride my bike or go for a walk with Mom and Dad.  I will get my body moving and feeling good!